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Prepare Your Will Online!

Your economical source for simple wills and powers of attorney for the protection of your loved ones in the event of your death or incapacity. Take the pain out of obtaining a will.

Our affordable service allows you to obtain a simple Texas will and necessary powers of attorney. Contrary to the legal form services advertised on television and radio, our service includes as many consultations with the attorney as needed.


Who Are We?

Our services are provided through the law firm of Lyon, Gorsky & Gilbert L.L.P. Please visit our law firm's website.

What Do We Provide?

How Much Does It Cost?

  • $325 per person or $500 for a person and their spouse or partner.

Where Do I Execute The Documents?

  • You can choose to visit our office (a notary public and witnesses will be provided), or
  • We’ll mail you the documents with easy to follow signing instructions.

How Will I Know If I Need More Than A Simple Will?

Your personal needs, including the value of your estate may necessitate the preparation of a more complex will or trust. For further information and services, please call our office at 214-965-0090 or toll free 1-888-711-2583.

Do You Provide Sophisticated Estate Planning Or Tax Avoidance Advice?

No, but if you need such a service, we can recommend an experienced attorney in the field of estate planning.

What If I Don’t Want To Process And/Or Pay Online?

You are welcome to conduct all communications with our firm by mail and telephone. You will deal directly with a legal assistant and an attorney.

More On Texas Wills And Probate:

A will is a legal instrument which states how the testator’s property is to be distributed at death. A valid will avoids many of the problems that may arise from dying without a will and allows a person to leave property to the persons he or she desires.

When a person dies without a will, the law determines who are the heirs. You don’t want the state determining who receives your property. Dying without a will may trigger undesired results and unexpected costs and delays.

For a typewritten will to be valid, it must meet three requirements:

  • be signed by the testator or another person at his or her direction and in his or her presence;
  • be attested by two credible witnesses above the age of 14; and
  • be signed by the witnesses in the presence of the testator.

How Do I Get Started?

For individuals, just fill out the simple will questionnaire and follow the easy steps to completion.

For organizations, login to fill out the simple will questionnaire.

A draft of your Will will be mailed to you within ten days. Corrections will be made before you come to our office to sign it or before the final documents are mailed to you.

Expedited Service:

If medical or travel circumstances require that you receive the documents in less than ten (10) days, we'll make every effort to accommodate your request.

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